Live, end of year kermesse at Obihall

glimpses in the fashion collections, design and photography projects of the students

Live, end of year kermesse at Obihall

Countdown to the 16th April when the curtain opens to the end of year school event, this year proposed as a tribute to beauty, according to a style of life in search of a love for life in all its manifestations. “LIVE”, this is the theme of the fashion collections that we will see on the catwalk, as well as in the design and photography projects on show at the exhibition (Upper Floor of the Theatre) that as usual precedes the fashion show. The forms that we will see on the catwalk range from that of a shell, an egg, a trapezoid to a squared shape. In other words, textile sculptures, for a more sophisticated kermesse in research and in detail, the results of a direction followed by the students of the School through projects based on the theme that also involved the music as well as the artistic aspects. Within this project of the Accademia Italiana, there comes across also a strong message against anorexia launched by the School together with the association Aidaf Federdanza Agis, directed by Amalia Salzano, with whom a collaborative project was initiated. On occasion of the performance, with the choreographer Kevin Oakes, ballerinas from the Agis Federal Dance Company will perform on the catwalk to the rhythm of tribal, jazz or hip-hop beats. The end of year event will be rich with surprises and with various guests for the design sectors of the school (Lof).

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