Design, Graphics and Photography

Year-end exhibition at Palazzo Bellini

Design, Graphics and Photography

Preparations are underway for the exhibition at Palazzo Bellini’s Magazzino N. 5 where the students of Design, Graphics and Photography from April 9 to 24 will show their works in the Museum’s Gallery facing Lungarno Soderini.

A special event in an enchanting place often dedicated to contemporary art exhibitions, to give increased visibility to these disciplines, historically shown at the year-end event celebrated at Obihall. While the former Teatro Tenda will once again host the year-end fashion show on the evening of April 21, the departments of Interior, Product, Graphic Design and Photography will have a show of their own. The theme “Creative Journeys”, has been liberally interpreted by the graduating students in the Design and Photography programs. The exhibition is curated by Vincenzo Rocco who is creating a “total while” environment with white sails in heaving fabric that will exalt the design projects lining the halls of the gallery on the ground floor. From the Design department a project of a literary café inspired by Tuscan history and an exhibition site for art, while using glass and Corian the young designers propose projects of chairs, tables and lamps. The creative journey followed by the Graphic Design students flows in packaging and advertising projects. The students in the 4th and 6th semesters, coordinated by Prof. Walter Conti, have contributed their proposals. In the first case it is the study of packaging that inspires the creativity. Each student has prepared a poster to graphically illustrate the proposal, which is accompanied by a prototype. The graduating Graphic design students have concentrated their efforts on Advertising Design projects that might include CD covers, gadgets, business cards, t-shirts, or even a shopping bag to present as a gift to clients. And then Photography, presented by the graduating students. From sport photos taken underwater to immortalize synchronized swimming to an introspective vision of a Fireman above and beyond his duty, from still lie in vivacious colors in which the student represents the world closed in itself of the artist to the video clips in which the personal image of the author is dissolved in a commercial video. An artistic and visual happening of great impact. (Lof) [gallery link="file" ids="1618,1619,1620,1621,1622,1623" orderby="rand"]