Carlo Ducci: Ideas and prospects for their evolution

Carlo Ducci: Ideas and prospects for their evolution

In the design school, a lecture on "Luxury and Communication".

A degree in law, he worked as a lawyer for a brief period, just long enough to realize that it was not an activity in sync with his way of being.


After moving to London, where he began writing for various British and Italian periodicals he began collaborating with television programs and became responsible for the business stories from the London office of ANSA under the direction of Bruno Marolo.

Called back to Italy in 1987 by Franca Sozzani to enter the team of Vogue Italia, today the only Italian periodical to boast 30% sales abroad, for the past ten years covers the role of features director.
He has participated in many Vogue Italia events conceived over the years and is currently responsible for various charitable associations (Breast Health International of Philadelphia and OrphanAid of Ghana in Africa) as well as famous international luxury brands.