Lessons in Photo Editing
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Giovanna Calvenzi

Lessons in Photo Editing

Photo editing, a new horizon for the students in the Photography program.

On November 25 Giovanna Calvenze, professor of photography and since 1985 photo editor for many periodicals gave a talk during the annual autumn conference series. Calvenzi spoke on the theme “the relationship between the photo editor and the photographer”, illustrating how the dynamics between these two professional figures have developed and changed from the 1980’s to the present day.
During the lesson the photographer related her most important professional experiences, in particular working in the offices of Amica and Sette, both Rcs periodicals.
Giovanna Calvenzi, specialized in contemporary photography, earned a degree in Liberal Arts in 1973.
After teaching History of Photography for eleven years in a professional institute in Milan she became a photo editor in 1985 and since 2012 has worked as image consultant for San Paolo Periodicals. Lof