Westwood and Cavalli at the Accademia Italiana
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the students meet the stars of fashion

Westwood and Cavalli at the Accademia Italiana

On April 16 a very special lesson was held in the Conference room of the Accademia Italiana crowded with students.


Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, transgressive queen of style and creativity was the school's special guest, presenting her manifesto "Active Resistance to Propaganda" where culture becomes the basis of a new ethic necessary to save the world from future catastrophes.

The following day, April 17, Ms. Westwood received the "Pyramid of the Accademia" award during the students' year-end fashion show. "The Accademia Italiana is an excellent school" stated Ms. Westwood, "because the students are given the freedom to express themselves individually while giving them the necessary technical bases. This can be seen both in the creations proposed for fashion and in the cinema costumes presented during this show. It is a real pleasure for me to be here."

Eva Cavalli, responsible for the fashion lines of Roberto Cavalli also received an award for her contribution. In an interview for the RAI she stated: "I am also here to discover some young talent that could be useful to our company."