Accademia Italiana/Klopman project underway
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Innovative communications project links the fashion schools with a technical textile industry

Accademia Italiana/Klopman project underway

A few days ago, Dr. Alfonso Marra (CEO - Klopman) was invited to the Schools in Florence and in Rome, where, together with the President of the Accademia Italiana, Arch. Vincenzo Giubba, he presented an innovative project to the students that involves a publicity campaign for this leading international industrial textile company.


The project involves the design and proposal of a new line of industrial clothing by the Fashion Design students of the two Schools.

Prototypes of the best designs will be produced and presented at a press conference and at industrial clothing design exhibitions in Italy and internationally.

The Photography students, for their part, will provide the supporting photographic shoots, and will produce the Klopman 2015 calendar that will be distributed internationally. This is really a unique occasion for the students to challenge themselves with a real life project tailored to the needs of an international company.