​Outplacement: When an internship opens horizons for creative work

When an internship opens horizons for creative work


an internship for francesca carloni.


On January 15, students return to the workshops of Accademia Italiana for the start of the 2015 academic year. And while the new students familiarize themselves with the city, last year's graduates begin their exciting voyage into the world of work: CVs, interviews and so on. For the graduates who have found workplace internships, this initiation has become more concrete. Among them is Francesca Carloni, who has a Fashion Design degree in her pocket and a mind full of energy. This week she will begin an internship with Gallieri e Venneri Associati, a consulting company based in Milan that works for various mens's and women's fashion companies. "It's an interesting experience", explains Francesca, "because it teaches you to adapt your creativity to the diverse needs of the fashion houses, according to the client's request." Francesca Carloni has a six-month internship, but that doesn't exclude the possibility of staying on longer. "I'd always imagined my future in a big company with the possibility of following various phases of production, but what I've started on here is a very stimulating path, and I'm very happy to have this experience."