When textiles become art

Work begins on the 2017 klopman calendar

When textiles become art

For the third consecutive year the Accademia Italiana arte moda design has been asked to create the Klopman calendar. Work is underway this year at the Rome headquarters, instead of the usual set in Frosinone where the multinational industry is headquartered.

Using iron, steel and, of course, the multicolored Klopman textiles, students are preparing special structures that will be animated by the models hidden behind the drapes as if on a theater stage behind the curtain. A hand, a half-hidden face, a wildly teased hair-do. Twelve different sets for the twelve months of the year. Directing the works Prof. Paolo Colaiocco, instructor and photographer. The 2017 calendar will have an artistic flair, evoking the product: the technical textiles produced by Klopman industries that each year sees more than a kilometer of its fabrics marketed for the creation of work clothes. (Lof)