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Ten students from the Accademia Italiana present prototypes created from their design projects

"Rethinking the Product" in Berlin

Once again this year students from the Accademia Italiana had the opportunity to challenge themselves in meeting with the industrial reality through the project "Rethinking the Product" that for 2013 is proposed as the "Laboratory of Innovation Networking and Marketing for International Markets".


The inauguration will take place in Berlin at the Berliner Freihet 2 - Potsdamer Platz. A cooking show has also been organised for the occasion with sampling of Italian food. The prototype exhibition will take place on 12th and 13thNovember from 10.00am to 6.00pm.

The following students participated in the exhibition:

• Francesco Bigagli Niccoli
• Giulia Barbieri
• Emanuele Spano
• Lavinia Antonini
• Simona Atzori
• Alessio Giubba
• Marco Ricci
• Nena Milenkovic
• Lorenzo Stoduti
• Cla Tschenett

The project was coordinated by Prof. Walter Conti.

This is just another example of the close ties between the School and industry in the direction of innovative product design.