A photo restyling for Genziana Vittoria

Liquoreria Di Loreto collaborates with photography students

A photo restyling for Genziana Vittoria

An academic project involving second-year photography students who worked on portrait photography and advertising photography following the brief of an external company.

Born in Abruzzo, but located in Rome in the Marcigliana Natural Park, the Liquoreria Di Loreto is a small family-run business which aims to propose the true recipe of Genziana, the one which is faithful to tradition.The aim is to have a completely artisanal production process, using refined, quality products. It was precisely on these key words that the research and development of the project by the second-year students of the three-year Photography course focused. Following the company's brief, they produced shots focusing on the production process, the people involved and the alternative use of this liqueur. While tradition and family are the foundations of the product, the company's aim was also to innovate and introduce a new side of gentian.
For this reason, the class moved along two distinct tracks: the first, with the Portrait course, took them inside the production workshop where they were able to take some shots of the Di Loreto family, the first protagonists in the history of Genziana Vittoria; the second, with the Advertising course, saw them explore the innovation that the brand is pursuing thanks to the use of the liqueur as the primary ingredient of some cocktails, taking them to take some shots in one of the city's bars. Production, characteristics, market positioning, sales, branding and marketing are all aspects on which the students focused their extensive research work in the initial phase of the project. The brand representatives followed the work constantly, meeting the students several times and guiding them in the realisation of the shots.