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Visit world-famous artistic and historical sites and experience the real Italy

Study Abroad Trips and Excursions

A well-rounded study abroad experience in Italy is not limited to academics. Students should also have the opportunity to explore their host country, to gain a better understanding of its culture and history. Accademia Italiana offers special trips and excursions to encourage our study abroad students to enjoy Italy’s justifiably famous artistic monuments and historic towns.


We offer two overnight and two day trips in the fall and spring semester study abroad programs and one overnight and one day trip in the summer program, at no additional cost to students.

Accademia Italiana organizes the transportation, hotel accommodation and guides for these trips, which take students to both world-renowned destinations such as Pompeii, Rome and Venice and to lesser known towns in the Chianti region.

In addition, several of our courses take advantage of the school’s beautiful surroundings. Italian history and art history courses include many local field trips, and our Studio Arts classes often meet outside of the classroom, allowing students the chance to capture their host city’s beauty in photographs and sketches.