On display the works of Design, Graphics e Photography

Inauguration of the Design exhibition: April 12, 2019 h. 18.00

On display the works of Design, Graphics e Photography

“Break the rules” is the theme of the year-end exhibition presensted by the Accademia Italiana Arte Moda Design.
On display the works of the students of Design, Graphics e Photography. Franco Bolelli, writer and philosopher, expert of language, design, communication, and behavior will inaugurate the show.
On April 16,00 at 17.00, in collaboration with the local Order of Architects, conference on the theme: “Religions and Design: the spaces of cult”. Among the participants, Imam of Florence, Izzedin Elzir.
Inauguration of the Design exhibition: April 12, 2019 h. 18.00
Conference “Religions and Design: the spaces of cult” April 16, h. 17.00
Palazzina Reale di Santa Maria Novella, Piazza della Stazione, 50. Open until April 22..


An art cafe in an historic Florentine palace in Piazza Strozzi challenges the creativity of the students of the VI° semester of the course of Design while the V° semester students design a mini-apartment in a classroom of the school in Piazza Pitti and in the creation of a literary café in Piazza Salvemini. Inspirational themes for the exhibition:


“Break the Rules”, a concept conceived by the architect Vincenzo Giubba, who explains: “Break the Rules” is an invitation to go beyond, to experiment, to get involved. While there are certainly risks in working this way, the great ideas in design have always come out of experimentation and crossing of formal borders in favor of new ideas, intended as a way of improving the relationship between the environment and life. The school is the best place to do this.


The graduating students in Design at the Accademia Italiana demonstrate precision and technical know-how. Coordinated by instructor Vincenzo Rocco Magrin they have worked on the year-end exhibition, open to the public at the Palazzina Reale di Santa Maria Novella, at the Central Florence Train Station from April 12 to 22nd, uniting contemporary design to historical contexts. The critical eye of writer and philosopher Franco Bolelli, testimonial of the exhibition, will also evaluate the works of the graduating students in Photography and Graphic Design.
The first accepted the challenge, giving life to a series of original scenes, aware, never shrieking. A challenge to the rules, conscious of the heredity of the past and of the expressive urgency of the present, courageous in the contents and the form. Two sections to the photography exhibition curated by instructor Dario Orlandi: Fashion photography and documentary photography, traditionally distinct, even if there are frequent overlaps that contaminate the two areas.
Two sections with a common aim of rethinking the images in the context of their use. Thus the South returns with a poetic gaze that is anything but conventional, or “anti-models” in a street-casting environment that breaks the rules, becoming beauty icons. Fashion that enters into the marble quarries of Carrara in a tribute to the working tradition. Interesting is the phenomenon of depopulation in certain areas of Southern Italy or the focus on Florentine artisan work that becomes punk. For the Graphic Design section curated by instructor Walter Conti, the breaking of the rules must contain as a premise the knowledge, always keeping in mind that every big change in graphics has revolutionized the world of communications. Verbal language, for example, materialized first in abstract signs that then evolved into sounds and an alphabet.
The invention of cursive script allowed monks to transfer thoughts and ideas quickly to paper. Gutenberg, using mobile characters first, and Aldo Manuzio later with the invention of the Catalog, propelled us directly into the modern age. With the projects presented at the Palazzina Reale the students have tried to interpret the breaking with the mold from various points of view: conceptual, linguistic, communicative, perception, visual, compositional, typographic and technological. The posters done by the students of the IV° semester present free interpretations inspired on the graphic design culture that has generated important changes and innovations in visual communications: from the experimentation of new instruments to the revisiting of movements of artistic break-throughs, from historic avantgarde to representation techniques that have produced significant changes in visual language. The fruits of their research on these themes are presented on the cubes. On April 16, at h. 17,00, together with the exhibition, inside the Palazzina Reale, there will be a conference on the theme: “Religion and Design: the spaces of cult”.


“I wanted to propose a theme that could go beyond the barriers that divide”, explains Giubba, “with a view to openness. The debate on design, on interior spaces and architecture can offer the opportunity to elaborate new ideas.”


Speakers at the conference promoted by the Accademia Italiana in collaboration with the Order of the Architects: Izzedin Elzir, Imam of Florence (and former student of the Accademia Italiana), professor and architect Fabrizio Rossi Prodi, architect Edoardo Milesi and Maurizio Sangalli, president of the Sangalli Institute.