New talent, full speed ahead


New talent, full speed ahead

Thirty years and counting and a determination that is stronger than ever. An anniversary celebration driven by the enthusiasm of the Accademia Italiana’s students who, inspired by the ethics of recycling, have produced evidence of their excellent preparation.

The 300 outfits displayed on the runway were warmly received with enthusiastic applause from the public and keenly observed by the design masters present in the audience, Renato Balestra and Patrizia Pepe, this year’s recipients of the Pyramid of Excellence, a prize awarded annually by the students to recognize the efforts of outstanding designers. The year-end event also featured the projects of the Interior Design and Photography students, showcased in a separate exhibit in the theater, which included original designs and video-clips inspired by the theme “the ethics of recycling”. The prize for Interior Design was awarded to Ernesto Gismondi, founder and president of Artemide, and for photography to Maurizio Galimberti. The graduating students once again created collections that reveal a great passion for haute couture, with often unconventional tendencies, particularly in men’s wear, demonstrating special attention to a respect for the environment and recycling. The young designers took this occasion to “Celebrate!” reinventing fabrics and materials in unimaginable ways, creating surprising clothing. Also displayed on the runway was the “Fashion on the Job” collection, created with technical fabrics made available by the multinational company Klopman. The students were encouraged and highly applauded by the award recipients, who are already prepared for future collaborations with the Accademia Italiana, beginning with professional internships.