Fashion Show 2009: Design & Love

The Accademia Italiana marks 25 years

Fashion Show 2009: Design & Love

The Accademia Italiana marks 25 years

The recent fashion show and design exhibition provided an opportunity for the young designers of the Accademia Italiana to have contact with the productive and professional world.


The Accademia Italiana marks 25 years at the top of creativity and love, confirming that a school can offer the instruments and the basic techniques necessary for the development of a creativity that is not an end in itself, but that offers itself as a real prospect that looks faithfully towards the future. This idea has been shared by students and by important names in the world of fashion and design who attended the events of April 18 where the graduating students in the Fashion and Costume Design programs presented more than 200 innovative designs, and the students of the Interior and Product Design and of Graphic Design sowed their works in an exhibition.

The event, which gathered together 2,500 invited guests, was an occasion for an encounter between students and a number of VIP's of design, to whom the Accademia's "Pyramid of Excellence" a prestigious design award, was given by the students to the great masters.

Special guests were many and were very prestigious. Among those honored were Carla Fendi and Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, architect and designers Andrea Branzi, Alessandro Mendini and entrepreneur Alberto Alessi. Other guests included Elio Fiorucci, Ermanno Scervino, Lawrence Steele, and many other names from the world of art, design, fashion and related industries, as well as delegations from the UK (University of Wales) and the USA (Iowa State University and Arcadia University) and also Sweden and Thailand. Greetings were sent by the Italian Minister of Education, Mariastella Gelmini, HRH Charles, Prince of Wales, and HRH Rania, Queen of Jordan. The presence of numerous former students of the Accademia, today working professionals in fashion and design, was particularly welcome.

We can conclude with the words of Vincenzo Giubba, President of Accademia Italiana: "In 25 years we have dedicated passion to this work and the fruits of our labors are clearly evident. In 25 years we have loved design and to design we have dedicated all of our efforts. In choosing a word that sums up the sense of our work we thought it could only be referred to love. On the other hand, design is art, it is philosophy, it is poetry, in one word, design is itself love."

Here are a few comments from our guests:

Ottavio Missoni:
"I am touched by the love and the effort of these young students. I have seen lots of optimism. I would like to be the one to give awards to all of the students of the Accademia Italiana!".

Carla Fendi:
"Bravissimi! Continue to believe in what you are doing because nothing is impossible if you truly believe in it".

Alessandro Mendini:
"Here at the Accademia there is a super-energy. All of the projects I have seen demonstrate a great intelligence and quality".

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