The journey of the photography students

On the wings of fantasy

Five students testing for the year-end video-clip. The films, each one 90 seconds long, were shown during the showcase event last April at the Obihall theater. The chosen theme for the final project of the photography course at the Accademia Italiana was “The Journey”. 


Inspired by the many ways of travel, on the wings of fantasy, the five young students used mini, high-definition video cameras and digital cameras able to film videos. Images of train stations, airports, a flash of suitcases, but also scenes of fish swimming in the sea (their journey), or a totally white hotel room where the main figure is a model dressed entirely in white, interpretation of a journey that is not easily understood, but very creative. 

Another video documents a treasure hunt filmed at Monte Morello, unleashing children with a treasure map in their hands, while another student imagined the various emotions that distinguish the passage of an adolescent into adulthood. Fascinating the video-music proposal inspired by the singer LikkeLi, filmed on a beach.