• Monday 13 September
  • Monday 13 September

back to the classrooms for the students at the Florence campus.

Monday 13 September

Lessons are now underway for the new academic year for second and third year students at the Florence campus with the important return of the international students.


This morning second and third year undergraduate students returned to their classrooms at the Florentine campus.
Armed with their Green Pass in hand and wearing the compulsory face mask, the students were finally able to take their seats in the classrooms of Temple Leader Palace and in the Workshop laboratories of Palazzo Bargagli.
Almost after two years of lockdown and months of distance learning, the daily exchanges between professors and students resumes – or almost – a precious ‘normality’ made of comparisons and exchanges, essential for all creative designers.



A return to normality becomes even more important, that after months of waiting, the international students are also back in the classrooms, an important component to the Accademia Italiana, thanks to the bilingual teaching – Italian/English – with over 50 different nationalities enrolled.
The 66 US students coming from various US universities, confirm the strong relationship that the Accademia Italiana has always cultivated with them.
The 18 students from France are instead a novelty.
The cooperation between the AD Education network of schools – of which the AI is part of since 2020 - has given way to new collaborations that will bring to the AI classrooms aspiring designers from all over Europe.


On 18th October, the second year Masters degree Graphic Design students together with the first year, three-year undergraduate students will begin classes together with the full take-off of the academic year at the Rome campus.

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