Year-end Fashion Show: Work in Progress

Work in Progress

2014 Year-end Fashion Show

Automobile covers worked in leather with saddle finish, rice paper similar to rough natural organza, artist’s canvas for painted garments.


Here is a sampling of the new collection of outfits in preparation for the year-end fashion show, to be held this year on April 17 as usual in the Obihall Theater.

In celebration of the 30th once again created fashion collections whose strong points are the research and the elaboration of fabrics, discovering a great passion for high fashion but especially in respect for the environment and recycling.

So here the young designers are reinventing fabrics and unthinkable materials to create surprising fashion. Together with the outlandish proposals there will be tailored men’s jackets torn apart and recomposed like origami, burlap sacks done in plisse, fabrics woven by the students with yarns or ribbons from recycled fabrics, painted with grass and flowers.

Creativity emerges strongly off stage, among the patterns, prototypes, pins and accessories in a mix of elegance and primitivism. The ethnic touch is there, too, found in the Indian textiles or those with traditional African prints that give a western flavor together with oriental geometric forms in silk duchesse mixed with a tweed kimono.

The use of vintage garments and the concept of recycling – explains the instructor, Marco de Micheli – evolve in directions that are completely new and reveal nothing of the “second-hand” origins. Technology is a strong point in this fashion show.

The students have collaborated with laboratories specialized in laser-cutting, special printing techniques or have personally treated, and at times completely overturned the fabrics in the search for innovative materials destined for an industrial future. In this sense light cotton broadcloth and silk voile doubled with aluminum can be modeled onto the body creating unusual brightness and gloss, while wools covered with silicone acquire an “under glass” effect.