Conference or the new Department of Design for Theater and Cinema

Rome: Inaguration

We are pleased to inform you that on September 15 at h. 17,30, at the Rome headquarters in Via San Pantaleo n. 66 (Piazza Navona) the Accademia Italiana will hold a conference, open to the public, inaugurating the new department of design for theater and cinema.


We would like to remind you that these academic programs will begin next month with specialization programs in Costume Design and in Set Design.

The following guests will participate in the press conference: Vincenzo Giubba, president of the Accademia Italiana, Gianni Quaranta, Oscar winner for best set design for the film "A Room with a View", who will be director of the new design for theater and cinema department, Enzo Siciliano (author), Carlo Lizzani, (film director), Peppino Rotundo, (director of photography for the films of Federico Fellini,) Roberto Capucci, (fashion designer), Dino Trappetti, owner of the Sartoria Tirelli, Italy's most important costume design studio for theater and films.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there!
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