Interview with Marco de' Micheli


The new academic year starts with a plus sign: more enrolments, much higher the cultural level of the students, more ambitious. We talked about it with the Fashion Design professor Marco De’ Micheli.


He says “Yes, that’s why my courses are constantly evolving in virtue of the fact that the cultural and motivational level of the “new arrivals” has risen.
In addition to the knowledge of textiles, tailoring, drawing, construction of women’s and men’s collections, right from the first semester – is explained – to the students, illustrating how to do research in all the fields of creativity”.


What is the advantage to the students?

“By doing this, the future designers will be able to construct their own data-base that will inspire their collections and help them to understand the importance of “to make fashion” with an appreciable cultural background. Fashion itself must be considered as dialoguing with the other fields of creation and art”.


And then, in the second semester?

“The students express the results of their research in sketch books and presentations of on-going projects. Apart from this, they develop three collections following the traditional course adopted by stylistic studies.
If the third and fourth semester enable the students to consolidate their training as researchers and fashion creators, it is in the last year that every aspect of their textile, tailoring, communication and experimentation abilities emerge, in the end of academic year fashion show”. Lof