Creativity by Alice Fruendi

Alice Fruendi designs the uniforms for the “Florence Dragon Lady” team

Creativity by Alice Fruendi

Out of the four finalists the student of the Accademia Italiana was chosen for her proposal of a strong purple and white design for the 60 athletes of the team protagonist of the Festival.


The creativity of Alice Fruendi emerged from among the proposals in the contest to create the uniform for the Florence Dragon Lady, team of athletes that will be competing in the July 6 Dragon Boat Festival. Strong lines and colors tending towards violet, the uniforms will be produced by Roberto Giannelli of “Giannelli Firenze”, sponsor of the team made up of 60 Florentine women. This festival, in July 2018 for the first time in Italy, is  held every four years and the athletes are all women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer. The organization, linked to Lilt, has chosen the Accademia Italiana to design the uniforms, and on February 16, in the Loggia of the school the final voting was held in the presence of Dr. Alexander Peirano, president of Lilt, Florence and Maria Grazia Muraca, physician with Ce.Ri.On of the University Hospital Careggi and coordinator of the rehabilitation project linked to crew racing. The 60 team members chose Alice Fruendi’s design, from among the other finalists, Alessandra Bertoldi, Costanza Napoletano and Francesca Noirjean. (Lof)