Valentina’s “rose” on the runway in Civitavecchia

Valentina Cavoli

Valentina’s “rose” on the runway in Civitavecchia

A young designer from Accademia Italiana chosen.


Civitavecchia, a great opportunity for a student of the Accademia Italiana. On the stage for the event “Fragments under the stars” the outfits designed by Valentina Cavoli received the applause of a crowded audience. An important recognition for the young designer, who graduated last May with a degree in Fashion Design and who, at the age of 22, already aspires to a successful future in the golden world of Fashion. 

Valentina learned about the contest, launched on the web by designers Franco Ciambella and Giulio Castello and answered with enthusiasm, she relates, entering the same designs she proposed in the Accademia Italiana year-end fashion show held at Obihall, garments of rose and wine colors that were highly appreciated by the public in Florence. 

In the show at Civitavecchia, this year in its 14th edition, three emerging designers from three different schools were invited to participate. 

An electrifying encounter with garments from maison Gattinoni and by the Palestinian designer Jamal Taslaq, another talent trained in the halls of the Accademia Italiana.