Paolo Colaiocco for Westwood

Backstage with the Queen of Punk

Vivienne Westwood

In Turin, through 100 photos Paolo Colaiocco tells her story. The photographer highlights the character, the fashion shows and the advertising campaigns of her famous brand. Exhibition curated by Francesca Biagini.


On December 8 (h. 6,00 pm) at Comodo64 in Turin the inauguration of an interesting exhibition dedicated to Vivienne Westwood with photos by Paolo Colaiocco, professor of Photography at Accademia Italiana will be held. Thanks to a collection of photographs, drawings, garments, fabrics and videos this exhibition provides the visitor with a taste of the backstage, a chaotic universe in which one can see the real aspects, transitory but not specific to the preparation of the fashion shows. From the research linked to the creation of the fashion collection to the casting, the styling, garment changes, waiting in line, the non-production moments, the make-up and the hair-style.

Videos will also be shown of the preparations, contributions of interviews with the models that most represent the fashion shows of Vivienne Westwood, designer that the Accademia Italiana, years ago, had the honor of awarding the Pyramid of Excellence. Lof