Cindy Sherman at the Gucci Museum
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Until June 9.

Cindy Sherman at the Gucci Museum

The strong link with cinema that the American photographer studied at the State University of New York, Buffalo is clearly seen in the works on display beginning January 11 at the Gucci Museum, an exhibition curated by Francesca Amfitheatrof, and strongly desired by M. Francois Pinault that for the third time shows at Palazzo della Mercanzia, headquarters of the museum for just over a year, exhibitions of contemporary artists. 


This eclectic artist surprises for geniality and method: photographer, model and director of herself she uses photography as an original art form. Cindy Sherman is able to impersonate multiple personalities, through the alchemy of make-up and clothes. “Early Works” is a collection of works that originated in Buffalo where Sherman in 1975 enlivened the art gallery “Hallwalls” together with a group of artists. Of these the Gucci Museum hosts a significant selection: “Doll Clothes” (1975), “Murder Mystery” and “Bus Riders” (1976).

We can see the animated film “Doll Clothes”, created at the college in those years, with Cindy in lingerie intent on trying on various clothes while a huge hand grabs the silhouette to place it a plastic book cover. The other works in the exhibition are also in the cinematography realm: “Murder mystery people” (1976 – 2000) is a story interpreted by 17 characters inspired by an imaginary detective film. With a 1930’s actress who falls in love with the director of the film. And again “Bus Riders”: this time Cindy Sherman climbs onto a torpedo, quickly transforming herself into many different characters.

Cindy Sherman is considered one of the most influential artists of the last 50 years, spent mainly in the “Big Apple” where she created the fundamental works of her career for the series “Untitled Film Stills”. And ever working on herself, impersonating different roles thanks to a knowledgeable use of costumes, sets and poses. An example of creativity for photography schools throughout the world.