A day with Leica

Join us Thursday, June 14th (Florence - Piazza Pitti, 15)

A day with Leica

The Accademia Italiana portrays through this special photography exhibition the project developed by the students on the three year degree course in Photography and New Media in collaboration with Leica, the well-known and celebrated photo camera brand, an essential work instrument for some of the most famous international photographers that, thanks rightly to a Leica, have realised shots that have not only become part of the story of photography but also of the cultural baggage of humanity.


Two photo camera models were made available by the company -  Leica M and Leica SL, both of which the students had never previously used – in order to develop two distinct photographic projects: street photography and studio photography, undertaken in ‘timed’  photo shooting sessions, 3 hours for street photography, 30 minutes for those done in the photo studio.

Taking up this challenge, were the young photography students from the IVth and VIth semester, coordinated by Prof. Dario Orlandi, a teacher at the Accademia Italiana, with the support of the Leica Store Florentine staff. The first group concentrated on the idea of the concept and the pre-production for each project; instead, the second had the task of coming up with an original idea to immortalise the city of Florence and the historical centre through a personal point of view. At the moment of the photo shooting the young photographers had to put into practice their ideas in the allocated time with equipment that they had never used before, dealing with any inconvenience (for example, bad weather for street photography…).

The range of images proposed in this exhibition evidence how the creative approach of the Accademia Italiana students, in combination of an instrument of impeccable quality and simplicity of use, can obtain excellent results in spite of the time limit and the use of a completely new equipment.

The Accademia Italiana particularly thanks the Florence Leica Store for their precious collaboration and to all the students involved who accepted the challenge!

Info: firenze@accademiaitaliana.com