Accademia Italiana for Pitti Uomo 103

Two events launched in occasion of the Florentine's Fashion Week

Accademia Italiana for Pitti Uomo 103

Fashion and photography are coming together in occasion of Florence’s most awaited event. Accademia Italiana partners up with Fashion Revolution, Lottozero, Diversity Lab and Leica for two unique projects. A workshop to “fluidify” pre-loved clothes and transform them into gender neutrals outfits, that will conclude with a charity auction, and a street style photography session among Florence’s streets.


Accademia Italiana takes part in the Florentine Fashion Week with two unique projects in partnership with foundations and brands well-established in the fashion industry.


From Tuesday, 10th to Thursday 12th, January will take place the “Fluidify” Workshop, three full immersion days between theory and practice to transform pre-loved clothes into no gender outfits thanks to the creative intervention of senior year and Master’s students, under the supervision of the coordinator of the Fashion Design department, Cecilia Rinaldi. Integral part of the workshop will be the masterclasses heald by Fashion Revolution, Fondazione Diversity Lab and Lottozero on gender fluidity in fashion. Awaited two relevant interventions: Kathleen Grevers’, with a focus on the Fashion Revolution movement and its global contaminations; and Diana Becker’s, spokeswoman for Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conceria al Vegetale, for a practical demonstration on the transformation of an industrial system waste product into a gender fluid accessory.


As a result of the workshop the “fluidified” outfits will be auctioned off at the charity auction during “A Fashion Revolution in AuCTION!” event on Thursday 12th from 4pm, in Accademia Italiana Florence Campus, Piazza de’ Pitti 15. The event will be attended by Marina Spadafora, coordinator of Fashion Revolution Italy and co-founder of the movement, and Elena Ianeselli, Director of Fashion Design and Sustainability for Lottozero. The proceeds from the auction will be donated to Fashion Revolution, a global movement formed by activists who believes in a different fashion industry. It will be possible to donate via PayPal on platform.


In parallel, on Tuesday 10th, Photography students will be involved in a Street style Photography session during “A Day with Leica - Pitti Uomo edition” event, in partnership with the homonymous camera brand. Coordinated by Dario Orlandi, photographer and professor, the students will move between the streets of Florence to capture the colorful and eccentric Pitti People.