The backwards art of Patrizia Zingaretti

On exhibition at the Chalet Fontana

The backwards art of Patrizia Zingaretti

"An unusual point of view" this is the theme of the exhibition of works presented by an instructor of the Accademia Italiana, Patrizia Zingaretti, on display beginning March 25 (inauguration at h. 18,00) at the Chalet Fontana in Viale Galileo n. 7 in Florence.

A reinterpretation of some of the most famous masterpieces of art history; famous subjects seen from the back, such as Leonardo da Vinci's Lady with a mink. Portraits re-proposed in watercolors or with the ancient egg-tempera on wood technique. All images have been studied in minute detail and even the garments in the portraits have been subjected to an intense study of the costume even in the retro version of the original presented. A new way to look at a work of art, certainly creating curiosity. During the press conference illustrations taken from the publication of the same name ("An unusual point of view") will be presented to the public. Lof