From Leonardo's art to high fashion accessories: the school of fashion and design proposes an encounter between culture, art and

The school of fashion and design proposes an encounter between culture, art and artisan handcraft.

From Leonardo's art to high fashion accessories

Wednesday 11th January at the Accademia delle Arti del Disegno in Florence, the students were able to admire the splendid display that accompanied the handbag "La Pretiosa" designed by Gherardini based on designs by Leonardo.


"La Pretiosa" is a unique bag, an elegant accessory that has its origins in the art of the great Renaissance genius. The name itself is an expression of its great artistic and cultural value, designed from the original drawings by Leonardo da Vince at the end of the 14th century.

This exclusive accessory was designed in tribute both to the city of Florence and the fashion house Gherardini that was founded over 126 years ago, as well as to Leonardo, who with the portrait of Lisa Gheradini (a distant relative of the family) according to many scholars, realised "La Gioconda", one of his most famous and studied paintings worldwide.
La Pretiosa, is a testimony of the great value of Italian artisanship "Made in Italy".
It is entirely made by hand, in embroidered calf leather. The bag handle is attached to an intricate hand-made brass appendage that is an exact replica of the original sketch by Leonardo and forms the key element in the aesthetics and functionality of the bag.
The students were also able to watch a video that showed how the bag was made and to see the sketches by Leonardo.

The uniqueness of the bag lies also in the fact that only 99 examples have been realised. The bag is authenticated and accompanied by a book describing the beauty of Leonardo's art work together with the passion that Gheradini produces its creations.