Accademia italiana and Made in carcere

a project for taste at leopolda station.

Accademia italiana and Made in carcere

Florence. Five stylish smocks arranged in an installation on the walls of the Taste “Tools” area of Leopolda Station on Saturday March 7 for the inauguration of the 10th Taste/Pitti, a fair dedicated to excellence in taste and the culture of high quality food.

The designs were developed by the Accademia Italiana's Fashion Design students and created by a team of female inmates at the Lecce penitentiary as part of the Made in Carcere project initiated by the non-profit organization Officina Creativa, founded by Luciana delle Donne. A cooperative program that has been active for years in projects aimed to help rehabilitate the prisoners, offering them a second chance by involving them in the production of small articles of clothing and accessories or packaging design for companies. The mission of Made in Carcere is to spread the philosophy of a “second opportunity” for the inmates and of a “double life” for fabrics. Fabric remnants donated by Italian companies sensitive to social and environmental issues are transformed by the creativity of up and coming designers in the studios of Accademia Italiana. With this project, Taste this year opens on a socially conscious note, involving the female inmates of the Lecce penitentiary who enthusiastically offer their contribution to the grand celebration of good taste that is Taste. [caption id="attachment_1212" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Accademia Italiana made in carcere alla stazione Leopolda[/caption] Working from the patterns created by Kristina Danilova, Sri Noratikah Binti Mohamed Shukry and Poojitha Kalapala, future designers currently studying at Accademia Italiana Arte Moda Design, the encarcerated women have interpreted the creativity of the three students to perfection, with coordinated elements and fashionable details. For example, an oriental blue fabric is overlaid with black netting, transparent brown material is decorated with aubergine borders and faux leather is printed with the continents of the world. Accademia Italiana has been working on new initiatives with Officina Creativa's Made in Carcere project over the past year, the results of which will be highlighted in the fashion show that marks the end of the academic year, taking place at the Obihall Theater this year on April 16