From Sergio Marchionne to Bill Gates


The exhibition combines creations done by students in the schools of Rome and Florence, inspired by the famous casual sweaters worn by VIP’s in the world of international finance and culture.


Dark, with crew neck: with that sweater we have seen Sergio Marchionne visiting Putin in the Kremlin, Steve Jobs on stage in front of oceanic crowds of cybernauts, as well as Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg, with that gray crewneck worn faithfully on the web. To the talents of the New Economy who have broken all the ceremonial rules with their casual sweaters the Fashion Design students of the Accademia Italiana arte moda design of Florence and Rome have dedicated a collection of sweaters with an ironic use of appliquè, prints, embroidery and added colors. The assignment given to the students was that of redesigning the classic pullover, that blue crewneck that has been the object of discussion every time it has been worn in place of the regimental jacket, white shirt and tie. The results are a series of unusual proposals, funny, fashionable, freely inspired on those characters who have made the look a new, essential fashion style. New designs for a sweater suitable for “smoking”, “hunting” or “multi-tasking”, to celebrate a one of a kind look ideal for every moment in the life of a business globetrotter. Vernissage January 11 at h. 19,00 in the loggia. (Lof)