Milan Design Week 2023, from April 18 to 22 Dropcity hosts Bra-Very Bar
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20 international schools, 5 workshops with 5 bigs to inspire an ethic design

Milan Design Week 2023, from April 18 to 22 Dropcity hosts Bra-Very Bar

A futuristic location, 5 days to develop innovative projects in the fields of inclusive sport, automotive, footwear, communication and sound design: in occasion of Salone del Mobile a 35 thousand network of students guided by IAAD., Accademia Italiana and SAE Institute deal with the “Ethic in Aesthetic" theme.


In occasion of the Salone del Mobile in Milano, IAAD., Accademia Italiana and SAE Institute present Bra-Very Bar, a collective project defined by 20 design schools, with a total network of over 35 thousand international students. For five days, from April 18th to 22nd, Dropcity tunnels, a futuristic location near Milan Central Station, will host five workshops on the theme “Ethic in Aesthetic".

The partners involved are five bigs in the fields of sportswear, automotive, communication, sound design and third sector: Decathlon, Pinfinfarina, Huawei, Unicef, GLAUK.


During the Design Week the Bra-Very Bar tunnel will host a section of the exhibition Arrigo Arrighetti. A Public Architect. Architect and urbanist long-time head of the Technical Office of Milan City, in the 60s and the 70s Arrighetti designed some of the most interesting and innovative public buildings, combining the public commitment to the high quality of the project.


To start Bra-Very Bar, Tuesday April 18th, Ethical Sport theme, developed in collaboration with Decathlon. Central to the workshop is the new brand Adapted Sports, created in September 2022 by Decathlon with the mission of allowing disabled people to practice sport in autonomy.

Wednesday April 19th is the day of the focus on sustainable mobility and intelligent cars with Ethical Movement, in partnership with HUAWEI, global brand with a strong background in design, progress and artificial intelligence production for communications and in products.

Talking about Ethical Speaking Unicef comes into play, Thursday April 20th, with the workshop “We can’t say anything?”. Purpose: to promote the social media literacy and the advocacy capacity of young people, involving them into the creation of contents directed to other young people and aimed to inform them on the «unconscious biases», in particular on racial and gender prejudice.

Pininfarina, symbol of the Italian Style, will inspire the theme Ethical Living x Move(Ment), Friday, April 21st. Center of the workshop is sustainable footwear.

Saturday, April 22nd, the sound designers of the future, the students of the SAE Institute Milano, will experience new creative solutions with GLAUK sound emotion.


Participation in the workshops is restricted to AD Education students. The results will be made public every afternoon.