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On stage at Altaroma

Accademia Italiana "upside-down"

All is ready for the fashion show of Altaroma Estate, which will be held on July 8 in the ex-barracks “Guido Reni” in Via Guido Reni n. 7, Rome.

The Fashion design students at the Rome school have developed collections that fall outside of traditional rules, using unusual forms, colors, patterns and materials according to a different “vision”, sometimes out of usual bounds. An upside-down world that also includes the creations of the graduating students in the international bachelor’s degree program of Jewelry Design that include extravagant interpretations such as paper birds, for example, calling to mind the need for freedom, or frequent nods to artistic currents such as Futurism or Cubism. Among the materials used by the Fashion design students are metals and mirrors, brass and faux leather, waxed and varnished leather strings, a new “de-constructivism” created with what remains after the destruction. The bright and clear feelings of youth opposing the bitterness of the present with silver, aluminum and varnish; dreams become reality in aluminum covered with fabric and glass balls. The “upside-down” of the collections proposed on the catwalk of Altaroma Estate is inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi: a clear break with the most precious material, gold, in clear contrast with the black of the slinky outfit and the bustier in faux leather for a sensual and certainly transgressive result. (Lof)