Photography students at the Frittelli Art Gallery, Florence

Lesson by Carlo Frittelli

Photography students at the Frittelli Art Gallery, Florence

The lesson at the Frittelli Art Gallery was successfully presented by Carlo Frittelli for the Photography students.

In the exhibition space, the impressive works of the artist Vinicio Berti whose use of strong colours and particular painting techniques manages to recreate architectural visions under an abstract guise.
The strength of this notable Florentine artist is his use of vertical lines, prospective games, dynamism and the use of forceful colours. Afterwards the students were able to admire the Gallery's private art collection which includes works by Mimmo Rotella, Alighiero Boetti, Cagli and many other outstanding artists. The visit concluded with the viewing of two films. In the first film, the famous international photographer Oliviero Toscani expressed his opinions on the role of contemporary art and visual communications in today's society. The second film dealt with the life and works of the artist Vinicio Berti. The students also had the possibility to present and conclude their works of the first semester on contemporary art as well as the history of modern artists of their choice within the Gallery itself.