NYLON THREADS by Emilio Cavallini

nylon threads by emilio cavallini

In a lecture by Emilio Cavallini during a lesson of Aesthetics (Thursday, March 9 at 3,30 pm in the Loggia) anything can happen.

Whether he speaks of Mary Quant, who ignited his passion for women's stockings or he explains how his innovative style in considering this feminine accessory carried him to collaborate with Alexander McQueen and Gucci, to number among his testimonials stars like Madonna, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga or that he talks about his artistic vocation developed mainly in the second part of his professional life one point remains clear: his faith in nylon. It is with this material that his recent artistic production called "Le biforcazioni", is created with threads that are woven and placed over works of art, on lightweight, elegant materials such as resin or plexiglass. Emilio Cavallini will share the experience of this new artistic endeavor with the students at the Accademia Italiana, including his latest performance at the Gr gallery in New York last autumn, and of his next show that will be held at the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles in June. Lof.