Hanbok traditional clothing
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The timeless charme of the traditional Korean Costume

Hanbok traditional clothing

Hanbok, the traditional dress for Korean ceremonies, with its elegance and preciousness, it has always been the symbol of the Korean national culture.


With the spread of the western fashion, the Hanbok has kept its original structure, adapting itself to the modern style by using new shapes, materials and patterns.

This typical dress is claimed to be the most precious and iconic of the korean nation and it's still used in the most formal ceremonies, supported by a lot of important ateliers that keep its original design and manifacturing process.

Accademia Italiana, with the partnership from Hanbok Advancement Center and Korean Cultural Centre, invites the students to an exclusive workshop-event about Hanbok.

A journey in the traditional fashion that meets contemporary trends. A unique chance to know about the real Korean Culture.

Directly from South Korea designers Kwon Hea Jin and Hwang Sun Tae will talk about the history and the evolution of the Hanbok, showing their creations to the students. 

The workshop will be held the 26th of November at Accademia Italiana in Florence and the 28th of November at Accademia italiana in Rome.