The Conference In Streaming

Images Of The Pandemic

What is the role of festivals in the interpretation and sharing of the iconography of the pandemic?


The discussion will be broadcast in live streaming on December 4 at 6 pm on the Institute’s social media channels (FB, Twitter and Youtube ) for the public conference series offered by the Accademia Italiana, under the title: #AiDigitalConferences. Images of the Pandemic.


After the first appointment dedicated to lighting design, this new talk will host Veronica Nicolardi, project manager of Cortona on the Move, promoter of the project The Covid-19 Visual Project, Mattia Crocetti, photographer and graduate of the Accademia Italiana, author of the project COndiVIDendo19; Chiara Ruberti, coordinator of the Photolux Festival, promoter of the exhibition Stories of the pandemic and the Beginning of the future; Giulia Ticozzi, co-curator of the project Arcipelago-19.


The discussion is open to the public in live streaming and will be moderated by Dario Orlandi, professor of photojournalism at the Accademia Italiana. Lof