Capucci in the arena

Meeting at the rome campus

Capucci in the arena

The Accademia Italiana Rome campus is holding an interactive workshop on Thursday 9th June.
At the centre of the performance is the Roman courtier designer Roberto Capucci, recently awarded by the Art, Fashion and Design school (headquarters in Florence) with the “Pyramid of Excellence Award”, during the end of year Fashion Show that was held last April in Florence.

The great designer will respond to the questions fired by the students on the Fashion Design and Jewellery Design courses, satisfying their curiosity on his career in the world of fashion. A 60 year career during which Capucci has distinguished himself above all for his sculptured dresses. The students have already received a bibliography of the designer and before the workshop starts at the campus in Piazza della Radio, a 22 minute video will be shown focusing mainly on a Capucci exhibition held the Venaria Palace in Turin. The much looked forward to meeting for the Rome students is also an unrepeatable occasion to show the designer the works that they have produced for the forthcoming end of year fashion show on 11th July, that each year is organised in the setting of the AltaRoma Alta Moda event. Advice, suggestions and also criticisms are welcomed by the designer (LoF).