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Secrets for finding a job

Career days, two days of training

Learning to write one’s own resumé is the first step towards finding a job. Even a good letter of presentation can make a difference. The recruiters of “Lavoro più” will be sharing this and more with the graduates of the departments of Interior & Product Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design and Photography during the two workshop days organized at the school in Piazza Pitti, May 20 and 21.


The under-30’s approaching the job-market will thus learn how to face a job interview and to recognize various types of contracts proposed by the industries.

During this workshop ample space will be given to the world of “start-ups”. “Make Next Florence”, Florentine digital platform dedicated to start-ups and professional opportunities in the field, has already confirmed its participation as has “Never Tee Stop” the social fashion lab dedicated to young designers.

In addition to these, other companies will be taking part in the event to select interns or professional collaborations. (Lof)

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