Florence, UNESCO and Michelangelo's David
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Our students of Graphics and Photography

Florence, UNESCO and Michelangelo's David

The students in the course of Graphic Design and Visual Communications and the course of Photography and New Media at the Accademia Italiana, coordinated by the Graphic design instructor, Walter Conti, directed their studies at a graphic re-elaboration of Michelangelo's David, a mirror of our history and a symbol of the past that can give an image of our projections towards the future.


The project was done together with the Council of the University, Research, and Youth Politics of the City of Florence and with the support of the UNESCO for the Historic Center of Florence.

The Accademia Italiana, in addition to maintaining close relations with the working world, collaborates with important institutions, local and international, with the primary scope of facilitating the entrance of its students in the workplace.
On the other hand the energy and creativity of the students in the academic and the bachelor's degree programs that the Accademia Italiana puts in contact with these companies and institutions represent for them an occasion to find new strategies, new development ideas, new solutions to problems, but most of all, new prospects for the future.

In the gallery of images dedicated to this project the results of the reflections on this masterpiece clearly emerge through the free graphic and expressive interpretations that these young artists have given to this impressive sculpture.