Masters’ degree postgraduate programs

How to enroll

Masters’ degree postgraduate programs

How to enroll

All Italian citizens, EU citizens regardless of where they reside, extra-EU citizens regularly residing in Italy and all extra-EU citizens residing abroad (in possession of all requirements to obtain a study visa) may apply if they possess the following educational qualification:


1) Bachelor’s degree or First Level Academic Diploma (DAPL - Laurea) or other academic qualification obtained in Italy or abroad, recognized equivalent by the Accademia Italiana with respect of all applicable laws and international agreements (the equivalency must be confirmed by Dichiarazione di Valore in Loco or CIMEA Statement of Comparability and Verification).


2) Non-EU citizens residents abroad, in addition to possessing the required academic qualifications and curriculum declared equivalent to those previously listed, must have presented the application for pre-enrollment at the Italian authorities in the country of provenance to obtain the study visa. Additional indications may be found on the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) website or the English version


Students already in possession of a Master’s degree or Second Level Academic Diploma (DASL or Laurea II livello, obtained in Italy or abroad) and those coming from other degree programs are required to follow the same procedures.
Direct enrollment in the masters’ level programs (DASL) is approved if the candidate has obtained a First or Second Level Academic Diploma (DAPL- DASL) or Bachelor’s (Laurea I Livello) or Masters’ Degree (Laurea II Livello) in a subject related to the course chosen.
If the candidate is in possession of a degree in an unrelated subject, but can document professional experience in the field of the course chosen, admission is subject to evaluation of the curriculum of studies completed and of the portfolio.
Candidates may be admitted to the course chosen with eventual recognition either of specific credits already acquired or formative debits that must be made up within an established date.


To apply to the Masters' degree programs, you can use the "Apply now" button on the page of the program of your choice.


The candidate must send the request for enrollment in the masters’ program by e-mail to the following address:


The request for admission must include the following documents:


1) Portfolio of works (digital version to be sent in jpeg or pdf) max 5 MB;


2) First level Diploma or university bachelor's degree (3 or 4 years) with attached transcripts and/or diploma supplement demonstrating all grades and courses completed. Please also attach copies of any diplomas or transcripts for eventual post-graduate studies.


3) In the case that the degree was awarded by a foreign university it will be necessary to include the Attestato di Comparabilità e Verifica (Certificate of Comparability and Verification) which may be issued upon request by CIMEA through this link reserved to Accademia Italiana candidates. As an alternative, candidates can use for application the Dichiarazione di Valore in loco (Declaration of value) which may be issued by the local Italian authorities (Italian consulate in home country) or the


Upon receipt of the enrollment materials the admissions office at the Accademia Italiana will consider the application. In the case that the entrance commission confirms that the candidate is eligible for enrollment the secretary’s office will contact the student with full instructions for completion of the enrollment process.