Can sociology and psychiatry contaminate photography?

workshop master in photography

This is only one of the many discussion points that will be covered in Rimini on February 25 and 26 when Tuscan photographer Oliviero Toscani, for many years a staunch "Friend of the Accademia " and recipient of the Pyramid of Excellence, will offer his master "Imagine".

In light of this "feeling" for the Accademia, a special offer of a 15% discount of the fees for this master will be available for students (including former students) of the Accademia Italiana (
The Rimini appointment is the first stop for an itinerant program entitled NEVERENDINGPHOTOMASTERCLASS, that will cover various places and discuss themes related to the contemporary field of photography. "Imagine" will examine the aspects of photography through the contamination of sociology and psychiatry. The Workshop, two days of full-immersion with the participation of Paolo Crepet, psychiatrist, and will include lectures, photo-shootings, portfolio readings, discussion of the works and debate. (Lof)