New research horizons for the Photography program

New research horizons for the Photography program

Artists work to communicate and share their interpretation of their world or as a means of reflection, using at times provocations that evoke in the beholder doubts and questions, thus offering the possibility to see things through a different perspective.
Often there is the question if photography can classified as an art or is it a purely a commercial phenomenon.

Certainly two types of photography exist that at first glance would appear to be distinct and separate: on one side, there is commercial photography where the photograph represents the product with the explicit aim of increasing profits to the owner whilst on the other side, there is the so called ‘photographic art' where the photographer-artist uses the photograph exclusively as an expressive means for the realisation of the subject.
The camera and digital techniques substitute the paint brushes. This net distinction has obvious limitations, however. What is to be said of those famous and celebrated photographers that have used their talents to propose images that are derived from the world of fashion or advertising campaigns for various products and services?
Are these not also great artists in their own right? Aren't these images also emotionally captivating?
The point of the question regards precisely the "talent" or rather the capacity of the photographer to touch our emotions.

The great artist, the great photographer, the great designer, the great architect, the great orator, is one that is able to create an artistic work, independent of whether there is a customer or not.

Today the photograph adapts itself more than ever to our cultural and commercial needs, embracing the most advanced technology and new media.
It is certainly the art of our times and of the near future, as long there is talent involved.
It is for this reason that the Photography School at the Accademia Italiana, through the photography and new media courses, proposes itself as a ‘school of talent', where the bases are laid for the development of potential creativity that uses the various tools, that according to the needs, are called art, design, fashion, advertising or visual communications.


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