Here is how the school helps new talent, introducing students into the working work in the fields of fashion, design and photogr
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Introducing students into the working work in the fields of fashion, design and photography

Here is how the school helps new talent,

More than 90% of the graduates of the Accademia Italiana, according to an investigation launched by the school, quickly finds collocation in the workplace, often in large companies or assisting big names in the fields of fashion and design.


Certainly an important launching pad are the year-end events (that this year will be held on April 26) where the students may show off their creativity and technical capabilities. The year-end events, in fact, always include a fashion show, the exhibition of graphic and interior and industrial design works, as well as a photography exhibition. These events, viewed by an international audience, are also seen by representatives of industry and professionals "hunting" for new talents. Another important contribution that promotes professional contacts is offered by the "Job placement" office that has been active for the past several years at the headquarters of the Accademia. Here the information concerning the possibilities of work or internship offers in the field of fashion, design and photography are passed on to interested students. The examples of success stories are numerous, here we list only a few.

Danilo Liotta, responsible for production of the main knitwear line for Vivienne Westwood. Danilo, 23 years old, is enthusiastic about his career. "I was immediately captivated by the programs at the Accademia Italiana" said Danilo Liotta. "The 3-year bachelor's degree program in Fashion Design in partnership with the University of Wales, compared to other schools, doesn't make you feel just a number, thanks to the experimental methods you have a practical approach to your studies that allows you to understand the importance of the tools you will be using when you enter into the workplace: such as deadlines, certainly."

Danilo's experience is only one example among many we could site, another is the case of Matteo Smaniotto who found his job even before he graduated, with John Richmond. He can also thank the Vogue Talent contest that allowed him to be noticed by Moschillo, producer of the John Richmond brand, and his own talent.

The Accademia Italiana is a true breeding ground of talent. The key of the school's success is, in fact, teaching how to integrate the ideas, the dreams, and the innovations with the production realities. At the Accademia one learns to anticipate the trends, tastes and the needs of the industries as well as the consumers in order to satisfy the complex needs of the marketplace.

The young designers of the Accademia Italiana have had many opportunities to collaborate with some of the most prestigious brand names in the world, and this international recognition underlines the value of the professional preparation provided. From Cavalli to Prada, Gucci to Calvin Klein, Vivienne Westwood to Burberry, many young designers and photographers have been introduced into the working world with these famous names and many others.

Here we will take a look at some of the best students who have made names for themselves or with some of the most famous names in the world of design:

Ambra Gregoretti PRADA, Barbara Fusillo MIU MIU; Andreia Andreoni Traverso, BURBERRY, Yari Magnani MASSIMO REBECCHI, Vahan Khachatryan DOLCE & GABBANA, Giorgia Varoli, MAX MARA, Matteo Smaniotto JOHN RICHMOND, Sam Thomas, ADIDAS, Anton Cumberbatch, returning to his home country of Barbados, designed and created for the top model Shanice Yarde, Jelena Novoselsky RMC Unlimited, Deborah Arena, Alice Pelloni, Chiara Simonetti, Anna Winter, Gladys Macharia, ERMANNO SCERVINO, Elettra Mascelli GUCCI - YVES SAINT LAURENT, Connie Lam, YSL Taiwan - Merchandising, Samuel Scapigliati, Gevher Mutaf, Claudia Matteoli, Giacomo Cerri ROBERTO CAVALLI, Gaia Russo LES COPAINS, Gabriella Salvi, Johan Gradin, Valentina Urapetalo, FERRAGAMO, Danilo Liotta VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, William Han POLO RALPH LAUREN, Laura Morresi PRADA, Samuel Scapigliati, Ilze Mucina FEDERICO CURRADI (for the ICEBERG label), Jessica Bello, CALVIN KLEIN, Julia Behm HUGO BOSS, represents the brand under her own name, Jelena Marijan, Emanuele Catena OLIVIERO TOSCANI, Anette Maron DONNA KARAN, Louise Hong GUESS KIDS, Dimitris Zoz, Jean Pierre Biasol MICHELIZZI, Elisa Matteo PAGANI/VOLVO/FIAT, Daniele Semeraro SEMPLI.COM has also worked for HIRSCH BEDNER, BERNI HOTEL PROVIDER, VOLVO, Laura Lutz, ROBARTS INTERIOR A PECHINO, Yevgeniya Lazarova ARTIMINORI srl.

Many other graduates have made names for themselves or work free-lance. These young designers (among them Eva Polenova, Dimitris Zoz, Aura Dajer, Jean-Pierre Biasol) were able to move autonomously, taking those first steps with courage, counting on their own abilities and on a bit of good luck.