The newly introduced courses of the Accademia Italiana make national news
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The newly introduced courses of the Accademia Italiana make national news

Here is how the National Daily newspaper network (comprising Il Giorno, La Nazione, Il Resto del Carlino) reported the latest Accademia Italiana study programs on May 26, 2011


Several new courses will be introduced at the Accademia Italiana with the beginning of the academic courses in September, starting with the new Master's program pre-MBA (Master in Business Administration) which will last one year and is run in collaboration with the prestigious US university La Salle in Philadelphia. This course, which begins in October 2011 and will be held at the Florence campus of the Accademia Italiana, concludes with the earning of a Graduate Business Certificate which allows students to attend the second and final year in the USA at LaSalle University, where they can earn an MBA. This involves an innovative study program that unites the basics of economics and finance with a knowledge of artistic industries, and thus is particularly indicated for those who wish to undertake a professional activity linked to creativity which requires managerial and business skills.

The other news is the 3-year Bachelor's Degree program in Jewelry Design that will begin in September in the new Rome campus of the Accademia Italiana. This is the first university-level program that combines cultural content with manual activities to develop a highly specialized professional figure. Upon completion of the three-year program, students will be able to undertake an ancient handicraft with a contemporary vision, uniting traditional techniques to modern instruments in a vision that includes marketing strategies and the evolution of the marketplace.

A general increase in the spaces dedicated to academic activities is also underway. The Photography and New Media department will inaugurate new work spaces for 200 square meters on the ground floor of the workshops in the Florentine campus in Lungarno delle Grazie n. 22, which will be dedicated to photo studio and exhibition space.

The Accademia Italiana is an international Institute of advanced training for the fields of fashion, design and photography with university-level courses that lead to the earning, upon successful completion of the 3-year programs, of the diploma of the school and the bachelor's degree awarded by the prestigious University of Wales (UK).

The main campuses of the Accademia Italiana are located in Florence (Piazza Pitti n. 15) and Rome (Piazza della Radio n. 46).