Updates from the Italian press: great masters of design at the Accademia
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Updates from the Italian press

Great masters of design at the Accademia



Il Tirreno - 14 November 2012

Accademia Italiana - new talents meet the big designers


Also this year, the Accademia Italiana, - Arte Moda Design - has organised as usual a series of autumnal conferences for its students: a direct meeting between the future protagonists in fashion, design and photography and various companies in these fields. This initiative, now well consolidated through the years, is eagerly awaited for by the students, who will after their degree, be launching themselves in these various sectors. The conferences will take place until 19th November at the main school in Piazza Pitti, in the prestigious eighteenth century Temple Leader palace, in the heart of Florence amidst the artisan boutiques and steps away from the major ateliers and important brand designer shops.
The Accademia Italiana is an international art, fashion and design school at post secondary and university level. It is a private school that was founded in 1984 by the architect Vincenzo Giubba, who is the actual president, with the objective of providing training in the brand Made in Italy, increasingly renowned world wide in the field of fashion and design. It was one of the first in Italy, and the first in Florence, to launch itself internationally.
With almost 30 years of activity, the Accademia Italiana is today recognised in Italy and all over the world, as a reference point for a training in Made in Italy and for its activities in the field of teaching and research in fashion and design. Opportunities to do internships, participate in conferences and visit design companies are considered to be fundamental for the student in order to understand the application of creativity in interior design and everyday objects. Students in the three year course as well as the Masters - over a thousand of whom a half are foreigners - are asked to professionally design interiors for showrooms, companies, domestic interior spaces as well as furniture and everyday objects, applying their knowledge of sustainable design concepts.
In the last ten years the Accademia Italiana has hosted students from over 200 universities from the United States and more recently from Bangkok where the Institute has become a point of reference for the South East Asian region. Give value to traditions, be able to participate in the present and contribute to innovation is the mission of the Accademia Italiana, translated in the choice of its concrete didactical courses: starting from the typical "Florentine artisan boutique", the Institute developed an authentic international laboratory of ideas, where the cultural differences become a continuous stimulus for innovative inspiration.
The success of the Accademia Italiana is confirmed by the fact that 90% of students find work within a year after graduation.

L'Unità, November 24, 2012

Fashion, Jewelry, Design: the arts are taught at Accademia
From all over the world students arrive who choose to study at the Institute in Piazza Pitti

Gianni Caverni

In a small room there are 3 18th century frescos with marine themes: "These are scenes of Naples, their presence here is very strange, there are no other such examples here in Florence." Playing tour guide for us in the beautiful palace in Piazza Pitti that from 1857 was the city residence of John Temple Leader, cultured English nobleman who, in love with Florence had already built the castle of Vincigliata and bought the Villa of Maiano, is the architect, Vincenzo Giubba. He is the president of the Accademia Italiana, international post-seconday Institute of art, fashion and design that he founded in 1984, among the first in Italy and the first in Florence to have a decisive international profile. Everyone in Piazza Pitti has been accustomed for years to seeing young, cosmopolitan students who attend the lessons at this special school: "Well, we are an art school, actually," explains Giubba, "the first exercise that we give to the students is that of destroying all preconceived notions because only doubt can lead one to do research."
One of the first things that students are asked to do is to put the colors that they prefer in one envelope, and in another those that they consider the ugliest - then the two are compared. "It seems impossible," says Giubba, "but in at least 50% of the cases these students change their ideas and prefer the ugly ones." The courses offered are of various durations: three years (fashion design, interior and product design, graphic design, jewelry design, photography and new media, costume design), annual or two-year (textile design, window displays design and others). Short courses, summer courses and masters are also offered.
In the past ten years the Accademia has welcomed students coming from more than 200 US universities. To the two Italian campuses, Florence and Rome, a Bangkok campus has been added which has become the reference point for students from Southeast Asia. Here in Florence many of the students are Italian, of these 50% are from Tuscany. "The constant relations with the production reality to verify the feasibility of the design projects, the year-end fashion shows, the exhibitions, the encounters with experts, the lectures, in addition, of course to the daily work in our classrooms and laboratories, offer the opportunity to the students to enrich their knowledge and experience." Certainly this is a private school which has a cost, but with the times as they are, if it is true that 90% of the students find employment within a year of graduation it is certainly an interesting opportunity. "Of course, if one has the motivation, in my experience as instructor and president of the Accademia I can say that talent can be learned, but not motivation."

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