Speech by Photographer Maurizio Galimberti at the Accademia Italiana

At the Accademia Italiana

Speech by Photographer Maurizio Galimberti

After his recent workshop with the Accademia Italiana's photography students, photographer Maurizio Galimberti returned to accept the institute's Pyramid of Excellence prize, a recognition awarded annually by the Accademia's students to masters in fields of design.

The artist, who uses photography in eclectic and original ways, accepted the award at the event attended by over 2,000 guests. He praised the work created by the Accademia Italiana and by the students themselves. "It is certainly one of the best Italian schools, and the students who attend it are fortunate to have this great opportunity," asserted Mr Galimberti, who was introduced to the public by the Accademia Italiana's President, Vincenzo Giubba.