The meeting of High Fashion and Design

Accademia Italiana Roma presents a project in collaboration with Maison Gattinoni

The meeting of High Fashion and Design

Accademia Italiana Roma presents a project in collaboration with Maison Gattinoni

" OH! MODA, MODA! VUOL ESSERE MODA." (Carlo Goldoni)
The young designers of the Accademia Italiana re-invent the Gattinoni Style. An interdisciplinary project that involves students of fashion, design and jewelrymaking.

Inauguration on May 29, 2014, h. 18.00
Accademia Italiana Arte Moda Design, Piazza della Radio 46, Roma
Preview for the press: h. 11.30

Students of the programs in Fashion Design and Jewelry Design, coordinated by the professors and by the President of the Maison Gattinoni, Stefano Dominella, tell the story of the Maison through the creation of garments and accessories inspired by the four most significant historic periods of Gattinoni, rediscovering the traces that the past has left in the life of the celebrated Roman Atelier. The exhibition, completely designed and produced by the department of Interior Design, will wind around the halls of the Rome school and will be inaugurated by Vincenzo Giubba, President of the Accademia Italiana and by Stefano Dominella, President of Gattinoni, with the presence of many important names such as Guillermo Mariotto, Gianni Quaranta, Paolo Belletti, Enrica Bonaccorti, Claudio Cerasa, Bonizza Giordani Aragno and Marta Leonori, Councilor for the Production Activities of the City of Rome.

The historic journey of the Maison will be developed in four themes:

The 1950's, Hollywood on the Tiber
The origins of the Gattinoni brand through the creativity and talent of the founder, Fernanda Gattinoni.
A journey through the "dolce vita" with a Hollywood flair, during that period, the 1950's, that crowned the film divas as the queens of fashion. Cinecittà was considered "Hollywood on the Tiber". The most fascinating women of the Roman aristocracy mingled in the high fashion boutique together with the biggest names in Hollywood: Anna Magnani, Lana Turner, Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwick, Ingrid Bergman often accompanied by her film director husband Roberto Rossellini, Gina Lollobrigida, Lucia Bosé, Ava Gardner, Kim Novak, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn because only Maison Gattinoni is capable of dressing the feminine figure with its famous draping style and precious embroideries. Thus the strong link between the designer and the most famous actresses in the world is born.

The 1960's, War and Peace and the Empire Style
Given the clamorous success, Fernanda Gattinoni opens an atelier in which 120 employees work: producing, together with Maria de Matteis, the costumes worn by Audrey Hepburn in the film War and Peace gaining the nomination for an Oscar for best costumes, and launching the Empire style. Among the illustrious clients are Golda Meier, Giulietta Masina, Mimise Guttuso, Jackie Kennedy. For Anna Magnani an entire personal wardrobe is created, and the same for Lucia Bosè, Kim Novak and Ava Gardner.

The 1980's, Raniero Gattinoni
The atelier in via Toscana grows and is renovated around the mid-1980's with the creations of the son of Fernanda Gattinoni, Raniero, who turns the company around, putting the brand on a new international course. A true operation of restyling as to the already famous Alta Moda is added the prêt-à-porter line, maintaining the luxury and high artisan quality that distinguishes even today the Gattinoni product.
The historic Maison comes out of the Roman atelier, looking towards Europe and the world.
Raniero calls to his side, as coordinator and study companion, Stefano Dominella, today President of the Maison. Together they launch the new lines of prêt-à-porter and accessories using innovative ideas and avant garde methods while always maintaining the traditions and the stylistic research of Gattinoni.

From the 1990's to today: Guillermo Mariotto
In 1988 a new young talent, Guillermo Mariotto, enters the team and takes over the artistic direction of the Maison. The official debut on the catwalk is in 1994, with the unforgettable show dedicated to Eve that inspired the famous "nude fashion show" in the film Prêt-à-Porter by Robert Altman. From that time each fashion show is transformed into an event. Carefully set scenes in unforgettable places, almost a theatrical or film style in a continual exchange between fashion, art and design. «Because the Gattinoni style - comments Mariotto - is energy, pure emotion, a dynamic vortex between feminine and androgynous. And all of this elaborated with the highest level of tailoring. Signs of the true new luxury».

The students have worked in small groups, 9 in all, made up of students in the 1st 3rd year of studies, with total synergy between the classes. Each group has created two garments and the four periods representing the history of the Atelier were divided equally between the teams. The Interior Design department designed the exhibition and created all the sets, working as one team coordinated by the instructors and the 3rd year students while the Jewelry design students created works inspired by the same themes as the garments.

The exhibition will remain open to the public from May 29 to July 25, 2014, from Monday to Friday h. 10,00 - 19,00.
During the inauguration Casale del Giglio wines will be served.
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