in the works of the students of the accademia italiana


From february 13 graphic design works and a shocking video against smoking on display

The third exhibition of the Accademia Italiana is now running in the monumental complex of Santo Stefano al Ponte in Florence in the “BODY WORLDS” show. Within this itinerant show that has already welcomed 40 million visitors all over the world the students of the departments of Graphic Design and of Photography were invited to participate with their personal interpretations on the theme that is the leit motiv of the exhibition: the human body. After the successful collaborations in the past shows of Van Gogh Alive and Leonardo da Vinci Alive – The Experience, this time the students were asked to explore the human anatomy, looking under the skin, concentrating on the muscles and the internal organs of the human body. The students of the Graphic design program (II° and III° year), under the coordination of professor Walter Conti, proposed 15 works centered on their own faces, allowing the view of writings under the skin or concentrating their interest on the muscle of the human eye, inserting a bionic eye into the iris. The Photography student from the Accademia Italiana, Caterina Berti used a different approach. Enrolled in the first year of the bachelor’s degree program of Photography she has created a video that demonstrates the harmful effects of smoke on the lungs. The student recreated the structure of the breathing apparatus using cotton and forassite, then made the video with images done in sequence edited with multimedial instruments carrying the spectator to a double ending. The progressive blackening of the lungs with a final explosion (if one doesn’t stop smoking) or the slow dissolving of the black spots on the lungs if one says no to smoke. This project was coordinated by the instructor Dario Orlandi. The collateral exhibition proposed by the students of the school in Piazza Pitti from February 13, is an imaginary anatomical journey around and through the bodies of these young designers with the aim of exploring and uncovering their desires, passions and fantasies through the visual communication expressed by the language of contemporary graphics.