A Temporary Set Exhibition for Sant’Orsola Museum in Florence

Presented the new project for Interior Design Master’s students

A Temporary Set Exhibition for Sant’Orsola Museum in Florence

New partnership between Accademia Italiana and Artea Groupe for the planning of a temporary set exhibition inside future Sant’Orsola Museum spaces.


Born a new florentine collaboration bwtween Accademia Italiana and Artea to give new life to the ex Sant'Orsola convent in occasion of an art exhibition in the coming summer.


Senior year Interior Design Master’s students started a new project for the second semester. The goal is to design a temporary set for the June exhibition at the new Sant’Orsola Museum.


ùIt is in the ancient convent of Sant'Orsola, in the heart of the Florentine city and the district of San Lorenzo, that the future Sant'Orsola Museum will be created by the Metropolitan City of Florence and managed by the Foundation created by the Artea group.

The main intent of the future Museum is to preserve the memory of the place, researching, studying, presenting the tangible and intangible evidence of its past. The degradation, the ruin, the disfigurement will, in fact, be key components to use as canvas. Fundamental will be the use of recycled materials and modular structures that provide a possible reuse for future installations. 


And it is with these elements that future interior designers will have to confront themselves to enhance the heritage of the place that will host their project.