Chains: fashion ties with jewels

On display at MIDA the collaboration between Accademia Italiana and LAO for the design of jeweled outfits

Chains: fashion ties with jewels

Born from a new collaboration with an artisan reality of the Florentine territory, the project "Chains" involves Accademia Italiana’s Fashion Design students and students of goldsmith arts from LAO. The outfits, created by the combination of designers and artisans, will be on display from April 25th to May 1st at the International Handicraft Exhibition - MIDA - at the Fortezza Da Basso, in the Polveriera pavilion.



It goes by the name “Chains” the new project with protagonists senior year Bachelor’s Fashion Design students and junior year Master’s Fashion & Textile Design students from Florence Campus.


The project is aimed at the realization of an outfit in collaboration with LAO students to exhibit during the fair MIDA 2023, which will take place in Fortezza Da Basso in Florence from April 25 to May 1st.


Fashion Design students have been working on designing one outfit composed by at least a chain element. An element anything but random. Chains that tell bonds, connections, limits and constraints of the modern world.


On this theme the future designers have created their own outfit. This has been interpreted, optimized and realized by the students of LAO, who participated in the design phase by providing the creativity of Accademia Italiana students with their technical know-how.