The start of the Tutorials of the Accademia Italiana of Rome

The students of rome are showing how high their preparation is right from their first academic year of study.

How many of you, when considering undertaking a degree course or an annual course in a private school, get flooded with doubts about the real functionality and success of the course itself?
The idea to enrich our Youtube channel with Tutorials of our students comes from the need to give an answer to the doubters. The Academy is, unlike college, a real life practice gym. You can observe the results of your dreams from the very first day of your study experience. The practical approach wins on the theoretical one as it makes it possible to move straightaway like a real professional. A student like Nicolò Buncuga, member of the first year of Jewelry Design, shows us today that he has acquired the practical and theoretical skills in order to move in a laboratory as a ‘goldsmith’, and therefore as a professional figure perfectly able to pass from the design of the jewel to its final realization knowing the structural limits of the materials used, the risks taken when handling certain acids and/or substances, and everything that the craft he has chosen will make him face in the near future.
Before leaving you with the video, we are posing you a question which we don’t even consider necessary to give an answer to: If he has gained all these competences in only two semesters…what would he be able to do tomorrow? The Academy will be proud to present you in the months to come several students from various individual degree programs guiding you all the way through their imagination.